Doll North Preperation

With Doll North only a week away I’ve been super busy getting everything prepped for my wig making workshop. The past week has been spent cleaning, brushing, and bundling alpaca. While stressing a bit about getting it all done in time, I am SOO excited to meet fellow Ball Joint Doll enthusiasts.

Brushed, ready to be washed alpaca for my workshop
I know that this hobby isn’t for everyone; I’ve gotten my fare share of negative comments about it so it will be really amazing to connect with other people who share my passion for BJD’s. I’ll be bringing my minifee Blythe along with me, as well as my floating Merrydollround Merry head. I’m over the moon to meet Nuria Torres, the creator of MerryDollRound. I’m super excited to try my hand at learning faceup’s at the workshop that Kai Wong of Darjeeling Aesthetics is teaching. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of my adventures next weekend, so stay tuned for lots more BJD content! For more information on Doll North check out the Official Website or the Facebook Page