Free Table Refurbish

My friend found a table on the side of the road with great bones, so she brought it home and there it sat until she asked if I could refinish it for her. I asked if she had a style or colour in mind and was told “asian inspired”. I knew right away that I wanted to do reds and golds, but other then that I felt like I was overwhelmed with options.

The table in it’s original state. You can see the peeling fabric circle on top, and the varnish all chipping away.

I started by sanding the entire thing down. I had to use a razor scraper to get most of the peeling varnish, and the fabric on top was a pain to remove. My mom saw me taking pictures and told me to do a duck face, sorry not sorry.

And here it is all sanded and ready to prime!


Here is where I stopped taking progress pictures because I totally forgot. I primed with two coats, then lightly sanded that down. Next was two coats of black, and once that was dry the fun part really began. While the paint was trying, I was going through my box of papers (origami, decoupage, cut outs, etc) I found a Chinese dragon that I had hand cut out of card stock years ago. I knew right away that it had to be the focal point of the table. I then cut a ton of circles from coordinating origami papers that I had been hoarding. I glued the dragon and circles in the center of the table, where the fabric had originally been. The table still seemed like it needed something, so I added gold to the tabletop and legs. I sponged it on so it looked a bit aged/distressed.
Once everything was dry, I gave it several coats of sealant to make sure it was sturdy; and to seal the paper properly so it is functional.
I promised my friend that I wouldn’t send her any pictures; it’ll be a total surprise when I give it back to her. I can hardly wait to see what she thinks!