Girl Power Superhero Skirt

In the past year Ive gotten big into reading comics, specifically DC thanks to my amazing room mate. For christmas this year I wanted to make her a skirt with supergirl fabric, but the closest i could find at Lens Mills was fabric with Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonderwoman. This was my first time really using interfacing, and now its my new favourite thing for sewing projects, It made the waistband hold it’s shape beautifully. I did elastic in the waistband on the back which i wouldn’t normally do, but getting her measurements without her finding out what i was doing proved to be mighty difficult. I followed This Tutorial from pinterest, her instructions and clear and easy to follow. Now I want to make myself a bunch, but ill wait until the weather is nicer so i can wear them without freezing.

Check out that perfect waistband!

Awful action shot of me “modeling”