Neko Atsume Cross Stitch

After I had started playing Neko Atsume, I convinces my mom and nephew to start playing it as well. After a few weeks of playing, comparing cats, and getting competitive; we made the discovery that my dad had gotten the game and had been playing in secret. He had been re-naming all his cats, and filling his albums with pictures of the cats butts. With his birthday approaching I knew I had to stitch him up a Neko Atsume cat butt. I found reference pictures on pinterest and got stitching.
When I gave it to him on his birthday, the second realized what it was he laughed until he turned red and was wheezing. He promised he would put in his office at work, which I imagine will get him some strange looks. I’m so happy he liked it, not too many people would appreciate a cross stitch cat butt for their birthday.