Pokemon Go hand carved stamps

Since the release of blue/red in 1996 I have been in love with Pokemon. I’ve been playing the pokemon games for 20 years, so when pokemon go was released in Canada; it was only natural that I would play. This game has been so much more then I had dreamed it could be. The first time I went out to catch pokemon, I met three different groups of people; all of them were so friendly. One couple told me where I could catch a dratini, and another watched as i caught my first pokemon; bulbasaur. Every single person I have met while playing has been kind and friendly; even if we are on opposing teams.

I thought it would be fun to make stickers to hand out to players I meet, and after hand drawing a total of three I realized there had to be a faster and better way. I ended up getting out my carving supplies and a block of rubber to make three stamps; one for each team. Once the stamps were all carved, I enlisted the help of my nephew and in about 5 minutes we had a whole stack of stickers ready to hand out to fellow players. The next day while poke hunting; we met an amazing kindergarten teacher who taught us a ton of helpful tricks for playing the game. We walked around the park we were at for half an hour, learning how to take over gyms and set lures. He was awarded a team valor sticker for helping us. Now every time I go out for a walk I make sure I have a stack of stickers with me to hand out to friendly players I meet; they have been a huge hit so far!