The Dark Knight Returns Converse

I found a pair of converse in my best friend Kara’s size at a thrift store and snapped them up without knowing exactly what I was going to paint on them. This past year Kara introduced me to comics in a big way. I had always been interested in the superhero comics but didn’t know where to start. Kara lent me a bunch of hers and told me which order to read them all in. I was hooked. Then I started watching the DC animated features and under Kara’s recommendation I watched the Dark Knight Returns. It was so very very good, I went and read the comics online. With Kara’s blessing I went with a Dark Knight Returns theme for the converse. On the first shoe I painted Batman and Carrie Kelly’s silhouettes doing wicked superhero jumping poses. The other shoe I full on copied from a frame of the comic, trying to keep as close to Frank Millers art style as I could.